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MemoryGel™ Breast Implants Beautiful & Safe

Beautiful and Safe: MemoryGel™ Breast Implants

MemoryGel™ Breast Implants have been successfully used and trusted for 25 years by millions of women of every ethnicity. Why? Because our implants feel more like natural breast tissue - without compromising reliability or safety. MemoryGel™ Breast Implants come in either a textured or smooth surface shell and are available in a wide range of shape, sizes and profiles to fit your body.


Important Safety Information
Lifetime Replacement Policy
PatientSafe Coverage Limited Warranty

BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants

BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants

The BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants also function as both a tissue expander and a long-term adjustable gel breast implant. These unique products have an inner lumen containing saline that allows for tissue expansion and an outer lumen of gel designed to provide a softer feeling implant. The remote injection dome makes volume adjustments simple and can easily be removed when expansion is complete. Because of their patented dual-shell design, BECKER™ Implants provide the feel of gel with the volume flexibility of a Saline Implant. The BECKER™ Implant with textured surface is available in three styles: Round BECKER™ 25 Expander/Breast Implant (25% gel), Round BECKER™ 50 Expander/Breast Implant (50% gel) and CONTOUR PROFILE™ BECKER™ 35 Expander/Breast Implant (35% gel).

Round SPECTRA™ Adjustable Gel Breast Implant: Perfection that adjusts

BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants

MENTOR® SPECTRA™ Adjustable Gel Implant offers all the advantages of a silicone gel breast implant with an adjustable saline inner-lumen that can be adjusted both intra- and post-operatively. By adding saline for increased projection, the soft feel of the gel does not change. These characteristics are unique in the market.

Saline-Filled Breast Implants

Saline Breast Implants

MENTOR® Saline-Filled Breast Implants also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles and surface textures. They are filled with a saltwater saline solution that is very similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body. Saline Implants are inserted into the body without fluid and then filled during the operation through a fill-tube to the decided-upon size. When the fill-tube is removed, the implant automatically seals itself.


Making an Informed Decision about Saline Breast Implants